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Venus: knihovna pro dospělé [Venus: a series for adults], nos. 9, 13, 14, 15-16, 17 [of 17 published?]. Also known as the "Green Series."

[Prague, ca. 1927?]. 12mos (14.3 × 9.2 cm). Original staple-stitched printed wrappers on light green stock, each with a diamond-shaped cut-out revealing the number of the issue printed in large type; ca. 16 pp. per issue (usually consecutive pagination). Very good, save for light discoloration and faint rust to staples.

Rare series of erotic prose, with occasional explicit images, possibly published by the sex-reformist and proprietor of the Hydiko House of Modern Cosmetics, František Trefný. Hydiko was founded in 1927 in Prague and Trefný concurrently published and distributed various short-lived erotic journals, ephemeral catalogs for sex toys and articles of personal hygiene, as well as nude photography. In one of his early journals he noted that “sexuality was, is, and will be the most topical life problem and the whole world revolves around it” (see Huebner 188). And with a frankness unusual for the time, his publications treat topics such as adultery, masturbation, and even homosexuality. Trefný’s publications were repeatedly banned and confiscated, and he was charged with plagiarism. His books were evidently removed from stores and public holdings, as they are not only very uncommon in the trade, but have also largely been “lost” by the Czech National Library. Judging from the quality of the type and printing, produced in a very small number in a domestic or improvised setting. According to Jan Hýsek's bibliography of Czech erotica, the series can possibly be attributed to Trefný. He notes that all issues are very scarce and a number are not included in the Knihopis, and are classed as possibly existing (including nos. 13 and 17, which are also included here). Nos. 15-16 is not listed at all. See Obrazový knihopis českých erotic, pp. 312-313. Hýsek, Obrazový knihopis českých erotic, 128, 555 (all others not in Hýsek). As of August 2020, not in KVK, OCLC. Not held by the Czech National Library.

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